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How To Make Neon Work For You

Trends are cute, and sure we all want to be on trend but at what cost do we want to stay on trend? Don’t worry help is here we have thought of some key ways to stay on trend without blowing the bank on a new temporary wardrobe.


First things first what kind of dresser are you? Are you always the classy dresser, the casual comfy cat, the military maven, or the boho chic babe. Finding out what kind of dresser you are is super important because you can pin point the type of items you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

Trends can be costly, and for short term trends wasteful. So the question becomes how can I stay on trend with out breaking the bank? The answer is super simple accessories, makeup, bags and belts. These are alternatives to whole outfits and shoes.


One of the simplest ways to incorporate neon into your look is using cosmetics like eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick for the bold. A bold neon cat eyeliner or neon pigments in the corner of your eyes can be the pop of color you use to make your look stand out.

Neon nails and bold accessories can also help you keep up with the Jones’. Such a super easy way to stay on trend without breaking the bank, you change your nail frequently enough that you can add trends or designs on your nails for minimal cost.

Bold costume jewelry, belts and bags can be a great way to stay on track. Bold neon earrings, stackable rings or a nice statement necklace. Clutches and purses even tote bags can be inexpensive ways to add just a pop to any wardrobe. Bags can also be resold or given to others when trends end.

What’s a way that you incorporate trends into your wardrobe? Share some pictures in the comments or tell us how this blog post helped you. 


-XOXO Blutique


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